The retards having a lifeless holiday :P
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Hey :)

Apparently, the holidays are here :D EEEK. My cousins came down to KL yesterday & are living in my house. Awesomeness. Here's a summary of what happened today and yesterday. (As I said in the previous posts, I'm OLD. Therefore, I don't have the energy to write a proper recap and blaala. :D )

Jam aka Jenn, Li Sherng aka Daniel & my Aunt arrived in KL at 12 something. They unpacked and blala. Once everything was settled we left to the rabbit farm. It was SUPER FAR. And I got dizzy and carsick and there was alot of dust and I kept sneezing and my eyes were really red and I thought that the rabbit farm (according to the magazine advertisement of the farm, it looked like there would be an air-conditioned place there) would be air-conditioned and coolly. How wrong was I.

Anyway, the farm was inside some kampung place. I thought it'd be country-side ish but then I realized : WE'RE IN MALAYSIA LAH. Kampung IS country-side in Malaysia. SO the kampung turned out to be super dirty with litters everywhere. The rabbit farm was dilapidated. No, seriously. DILAPIDATED. Chickens were running around EVERYWHERE. Stray dogs were roaming the roads too. And the smell from the decomposing rubbish stunk badly.
Furthermore, I had just discovered that I'm allergic to rabbit fur. I kept sneezing (again. but it wasn't because of the dust this time) and my eyes were itchy from both the contact lenses and the allergy.
But um, before the allergy started the rabbits were cute. Yeah. And erm smelly. VERY smelly. but cute. They let me take photos of them. Which was good. Unlike dogs. Dogs wont sit still.
So yeah. We came back at 7 ish. I bathed quickly and ate my dinner. Then Camp Rock 2 started :D Just in the nick of time.

Camp Rock 2 was lame though. The choice in clothing for Camp Rock 1 and 2 were poor. Demi Lovato looked pregnant because of her dress. And her fringe was tucked behind her ear, exposing her forehead so much it looked like she went abit bald there :P hahaha.

Woke up at 9:30 although I slept at 1:30 the previous night. Went to English class. Was late. Couldn't help yawning alot during class. & my teacher didn't give much home-work for this week:P
Came back at 11 and ate a bun. Then my mom, Jam's mom, me and aunty mary went to the Malalueka place and bought stuffos there. Had lunch at Old Town. I had ipoh hor fun. yummy stuff. Then the moms went shopping more and Jam & I had to helplessly tag after them because the place we went to had no bookstores or whatsoevers. Then we went to Bangsar Shopping place. Finally, Jam&I found a bookstore and went there while our moms went to this shoe store. peh. boring. :P hehe. Anyway, I read a few books at the Times bookstore. Jam bought some books *envy* OHYEAH. did I tell you? Jam bought me a Twilight Eclipse book :D She's so awesome. THANK YOU. I know it's probably the 100th time I told you that so I'm gonna make that 101th :D THANKYOU. haha

Yeah okay, after that we took a cab back home. We were supposed to go to 1 U though. nevermind. I wanna sleep and blog. Ohand, I was thinking of switching my blog over to or The photo uploading over here at is RIDICULOUS. it takes me forever to upload stuff.

so yeah. And BTW, I won't be updating my blog from Wednesday 'till Saturday. Four days. Sorry. I'll be at my grandparent's and there'll be no internet. Unless I go over to Jam's or to a restaurant with wi-fi.


my ugly leg. heh
The rabbit farm..
More rabbit pix on Facebook.

@Bangsar shopping mall. FAKE CHOCOLATE :D
muah looking like a hantu... -.-
waiting 4 a cab
in the picture: Jam going to sit down:P
On the left: my aunt :D aka jam's mom

My internet is SUPER slow because four computers are sharing it. peh. That explains how long it took me to upload just FOUR photos. yeah. one hour -.- so yea better say a thank you. oh and pay me a hundred dollars :D hahaha

Okay, this post has gone over the word limits. bye :P

lynn x

P.S: Jam bought a rabbit :D Chestnut. SUPER CUTE.
P.P.P.S: I'm going to 1 Utama tomorrow. I need to buy some clothes at Hang Ten or wherever before Mega Sale ends.
P.P.P.P.S DON'T YOU EVER SPAM my facebook wall or screw up my notifications from Wednesday-Saturday or else you'll be so dead...
P.P.P.P.S bye :D

signing off. 11:40 p.m

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