11 p.m I feel half-dead.
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I did my I.C today..
it was OKAYish. well they didn't really show me the picture in color but they gave me a black and white small teensy tiny copy of it. (how mean.)
So yeah. I couldn't really SEE it. But I could tell they stretched my face. MEANHEADS. ohand actually my dad didn't go to the place with the intention to get my I.C but to renew our passports. But when we were submitting the forms blala, the lady said it's required an I.C for me because I'm above 12.

So my dad had to drive to another building to do it. But before that, he couldn't find a particular auto pay station to pay the parking ticket fee so we had to walk around the shopping complex asking people for directions for like half an hour? We RAN not WALKED. I was sweating like maad. I wouldn't have if I didn't wear jeans and my heavy flip-flops and my heavy bag -.-
Well anyway by the time we found our car I was frantically combing my hair and blahs. My face was burning red. blegh. after we reached the building and found our way up I was sent to a room to take my "gambar". I had to wear this COAT which made my shoulders look very fat. augh. and yea that's all. It was fine. and scary. and weired. I don't want to take another picture EVER..for the time being :D

anyway, my passport picture STINKS. we went to a lame photographer and they sharpened our faces until we looked like kampung people. argh. I looked like a malay. -.- The camera they used was so lame and bad that it made my brother look like he had a lot of white hair. HAHAHA.

We had to wait for HOURS after that. Altogether, we had to wait for 9 frigging hours there. my contact lenses were blurry and dry. I couldn't take them off because I didn't have a mirror and the toilet there was so damn pathetic there was poo everywhere and the mirror was cracking and there wasn't soap. And I was soo sleepy that my I.C and passport photos showed the dark rings under my eyes. (and made me look like a hantu. -.- literally. well anyway, i would've guessed I'd have dark rings under my eyes because I slept at 1 and woke up at 7a.m )

While waiting we had MCDs for lunch (which i hated because Mcd makes people fat and I don't have the appetite to eat alot of it nowadays) I got 6 nuggets but ate 4 only. I drank a bit of milo and had some fries. That was all. I don't have very good appetite nowadays. I can feel myself getting skinner :D hahaha. After that we collected my passport and left. We were all half-dead.

Once I reached home it was already 5p.m. I quickly showered and slept. I slept until 7:05 when my dad woke me up. Then I panicked because I had Science tuition and I didn't do much Science this week and I had test that night. So I changed immediately, packed, combed my hair, put on my contact lenses, ran up and down because I kept forgetting to take some stuff, gobbled up my dinner (which consisted very little rice and some other dishes. I completely had no appetite) and memorized some important Science facts (which took only less than 5 minutes. It won't do much help but it's better than nothing anyway)
When I finished everything it was EXACTLY 7:45 so I left and I reached class at EXACTLY 8p.m.
Oh and, I passed my test :D hahah.

That's all. I'm super glad I won't be going to that place in 6 years. :D
now I wanna sleep. Again. g'night(:

lynn x

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