swings are just plain awesome
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Went swinging yesterday at a park with Li Juan, Ashley & Julia. It was supeer fun.
I'm just gonna cut the story short:

  1. Went to Ashley's house at 4:30. (Julia was already there)
  2. Picked up Li Juan.
  3. Left to the park.
  4. SWINGGS. Go see the pics on Facebook. :P
  5. Went to feed the turtles with brand new bread.
  6. We ate some of the bread too :P
  7. Left to Tesco
  8. Ate fried rice with ice-lemon tea.
  9. Went home.
  10. 9:00p.m - went online to upload the pix.
  11. Talked to Ashley & Julia.
  12. 10p.m- Joanna comes online.
  13. 12:30a.m- finished talking.
  14. 1 a.m ish - Went to sleep.
  15. Couldn't sleep.
  16. 2:30a.m-Still unable to sleep.
  17. 2:40a.m - finally asleep.
  18. Next day 11a.m- Went to English class with Li Juan. Julia was absent. :(
  19. 1p.m - came home.
  20. Online. :P