zomg it's October already?! :O
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wee. i can't wait :D

Harlow :D I didn't know today was the 2nd of OCTOBER :O seriously wei. I'm such a blurcase -.- pfft.
Er, anyway, I went to class just now with Li Juan & Julia. We did some character building stuff and we had to draw our feet and hands in our exercise book. Julia had the biggest feet :P And er. I think mine was the smallest? Either mine or Li Juan's. haha.
After class my mom dropped Li Juan off to her house & then we went to some-one's house to repair some-thing. I don't know what's that some-thing called. bleck. I'm such a loser.

After that, we went back home. I bathed and had lunch. I had curry :D Not the spicy one lah. It was dahlicious. :P Oh yeah, Daryl/Tart left his spaghetti at my house. He's such a mean pelican, leaving it on the table enticing me. GAH. I'm going to go eat more egg tarts.. after I finish eating Cheese, 'cause i'm eating cheezels right now.
...I'm going off-topic.

anyway, I'M GOING TO DEBBO'S BIRTHDAY PARTY. Yaaayy. :D We're going to Desa Water-park City. I haven't been theeree. I haven't even been a water-park in Malaysia before. Only in UK or something.

anyways, PARAMORE CONTEST STARTS THIS MONDAY. eek. I can't wait :D I'm planning to invite Joanna over and we can use ALL our family's phones to call the number. :D We'd be like Jackson Stewart you know. In Hannah Montana. Hahah. I still remember that episode. It was soo long time ago :O

& yeah, I know I haven't been updating my blog since..eons or some-thing and that's because I've been super busy these days. With home-work. It sucks. I have less than two days to finish three essays and I just got another home-work from the class I just attended. With all the home-works I have to do, I barely have anytime to do my home-schooling work. I've been neglecting my history for a few months already. Almost a year I think :P

That's why I can't wait to go to school. I'd finally have a proper schedule and stuff. & it'd probably make me more disciplined :O Hahahah.

Er so yeah. That's about it. :D

I'll blog again when I'm free. (which wouldn't be so soon :/)

Sorryy. bye x

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