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heeeey (:

I couldn't sleep much last night because a debating session was held in my brain. -.- well it wasn't much of a debating thing. It was just stupid convos which never seemed to end. Convos about school. convos about thiinngs.
That explains how my brain is functioning now-cloudy. gosh, anyways,

Cheesio and Sushi came over this afternoon :D Actually, they wanted to come to meet Tart but Tart didn't come but they still wanted to come and so yea. :P
We went on OMEGLE :D We met lotsa random dudes and the majority of them were faat. T.T
heh. anyway, my webcam was like dead so random dudes couldn't see us but we CAN see them. So it wasn't that scary. :D

Then we played Break the Safe. It was fun-ish. Except, Deb/Cheesio kept waking up the guard & the dog. peh.

We played with Gina after that. My mom was washing her up so she was wet and everything :D we asked her to do random tricks and stuff. yay gina :D
After that we played game of life. I was bankrupted wei. aughh.

Debbo and Joanna/Sushi left at 4:30. Then I went swimming.

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