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i like this picture (:

Staring at the screen sensing this post will earn a very boring reputation. T.T hmpth.

Went to my second Mandrin class this morning. it was .. interesting. hated the reading part thoughs. horrible pronouncing crap Mandrin has. *screws up face in disgust*
Hm. Went to 1 Utama later at 12:30 for lunch in Pizzahut. I had the gooiest cheesy pizza slice :D heh, i'm enticing you, aren't I? :)

I went to the prank shop later and got this awesome bubblegum thingy. won't tell you about it until I meet you :D weehehe. And then my mom reminded me to get my contacts for Picture Day so we went there. I was supposed to get a pair of monthly contacts but the guy convinced my mom to get another pair so I have 2 pairs now :D *dances*
And then he gave me two free pairs of daily disposable contacts so I have 4 pairs now.
HAH. beat that :D

anyway, I'm going swimming now. With my brother. HAHA, i can't wait to see his face when I race with him then. ;) He hasn't swam for AAGGGESS and he still thinks he can swim more laps than I can. And yeah maybe he has 8 packs or whatever (which is a mystery because he never seems to work out...he got it in his genes or something. blegh.) HE CAN NEVER BEAT ME IN MY AWESOME SWIMMING SKILLS. muaha :P
jk. :P

Uhm, so yeah that's about it.


lynn x

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