my awesome food buddies; sushi's birthday
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Ashley a.k.a Pie
Joanna a.k.a Sushi
Deborah a.k.a Cheese
and I'm biscuit (I really don't know how I got that name, but Sushi named me that anyways)

So yeah, yesterday was Sushi's birthday!! :D We went ice-skating which was super fun:D Then we went to Desa Park City's park which was so awesoomee .. and dizzy :D I made one big mistake. There was this cool spiral thing which will automatically spin itself when you're on it. Well it looked super fun so I went on it with Ashley and it started turning SUPER fast. The world was like spinning and my stomach was turning upside-down (and I just ate dinner -.- KFC)
I really wanted to throw up... and it couldn't STOP. no, seriously. but finally, Ashley put her feet down and the friction caused it to stop. I was too dizzy to think straight :/
Anyway, we went on this huge swing afterwards which looked pretty fun too so I decided to try it.... which was another mistake because after the ride I couldn't walk straight at all -.-
Thank God I didn't eat too much KFC :/

Here are some ice-skating pictures (:

DEBORAH!! aka Cheese :D
JOANNA! aka Sushi :D

Ashleyy! aka Pie

(from left to right) Cheese, Biscuit, Pie

Cheese and me
at Desa Park City. it was really dark though because we went at night.

Well. That's about it :D Yesterday was superr fun
:D Thanks, sushi :D


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