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I'm hungry. Seriously, i am. :/ uhh, anyway..

I haven't been blogging for ageess .. Well it was only last Monday but it seemed pretty long.
anyway, anyway, I FINALLY FINISHED MY HOME-WORKS !! weee. I'm finally free .. until tomorrow morning that is. But um, I'M FREE FOR THE NEXT COUPLE OF HOURS. Good enough. :D

So yeah. I'm watching over my little sister now. She's like walking around sniffing things out of cupboards and behind doors.. She's a dog ;) Not like that's an insult. -.-

I'm in a mood for ipoh hor fun for dinner. *sigh* doubt i'd have it though. It's always rice for dinner. Always.

Anyway, I changed my food name to 'Cookie' instead of 'Biscuit'. Cool, hm? too bad you can't name yourself that anymore *sticks out tongue* hahaha

Well, I'm starving. I'm going to eat my dinner now. Will keep you guys updated as soon as possible! :D

(; lynn a.k.a cookie :D

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