BBQ awesomeness
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Yesterday was terrific:

11a.m-Ikano, Love It (bought a dress and leggings !)
12:30-Ikea, lunch
1-2p.m-follow my mom do Ikea shopping
2p.m-2:30-Curve, Borders.
3:30p.m-pick Li Juan from her house to badminton.
4p.m-badminton starts
5:30p.m-Li Juan's house
6:30p.m-eat light snacks
7:30p.m-Pass the parcel game
8p.m- BBQ party starts :D

11a.m-12:30p.m-English Class

IT WAS SO FUN. We didn't play much badminton though. Li Juan and I were opening our presents :D anyway, after badminton, we went outside where it was open aired, and we decided to play a short game of Simon Says colors. Then had this shoe throwing competition? HAHAHA. And it started to rain so we sang 'rain,rain go away' because we were going to have BBQ later. Li Juan was the conductor. We were so idiotic, but we didn't mind :D

The pass the parcel game was the funniest. We had Ashley to shake her butt 15 times HAHAHAHA.
I did the catwalk for like 20 seconds? Ashley had to sing love story. Li Juan usually had lucky cards. And Julia had to do crazy stuff until we laugh (yes, i know.. i laughed first)
There was of course more. Super fun. We roasted MARSHMALLOWS. I had like 8 of them? delicious stuff. We had popcorn, salad, mushroom soup, bbq chicken, sweet corn, sausages, bacon, mushrooms, orange juice, mash potatoes and much more. For the cake, we had a Q-JELLY cake. delicious stuff too :D

THANKYOU Juan for the party :D

I want yesterday to be today again.

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