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They burglarized my "empty" Golden Boronia Nougat bar. HOW DARE THEY.
Well, anyway, I was about to throw the wrappers in the bin but I was running late to go to 1U..
But it still didn't mean that they could come and TRESPASS my desk, roaming in colonies. arghh.
talk about lawlessness.

Anyway, I'm NOT going to continue ranting about what the ants did.

We'll talk about what happened in 1U :D

So firstly, my mom had to pick my brother up from class before going to 1 U and I returned a book I borrowed.

We browsed through a couple of novels at Popular once we reached 1 Utama. Then we left to a restaurant called 'Charms' for tea. The place was pretty unique. I didn't sit on any regular stool or chair, I sat on a SWING :D anyway, I had banana split which was delicious. I would've gobbled it all up in a few minutes but I was too engrossed with a Seventeen magazine they had which I missed out. So I couldn't finish it on time as my mother and brother so I had to stuff the ice-cream up in my mouth and I had a brain freeze -.-

uhh, anyway. I went to MPH later(: I had to walk past Cotton on. I was really tempted to shop but I wanted to read books. I've been much of a nerd lately :P Hahahah

anyway, here's some pictures:

I ate some parts of it before I thought of taking a picture of it :P

Well, that's pretty much what happened today!
Will keep you guys posted soon (:

lynn x

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