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( HAHAHA I took this out from Natalie Dee, btw :D )

ugh. can you like see a girl in underwear on your right?? If not, you can scroll down and see the right side of the following posts. Disgusting picture. It came with the blog's layout..blegh. And I don't know how to remove it. Gahh. Well I could, but I don't have any other pictures that size to replace it. darn.

Um, anyway, you guys have probably realized that I've been using too much 'anyways' and that I don't have a single post without an 'anyway' in it. I guess it remains a fact. *sigh* Why can't there be any more words which is a synonym of anyway? Probably besides, or by the way or moving on but they're not that straight-forward as ANYWAY. blegh. again.

Any- *cough cough* By the way, I desperately need a picture of myself to use in my biodata for my home-work. You're probably in shock right now. For me, who has like a 100 pictures of myself on Facebook has NO picture to use in her home-work? :O lol. i was just kidding there. I know I have quite a lot of pictures on Facebook but those were taken like last year. I need a RECENT picture of myself now. AND I REFUSE TO CAMWHORE. It's seriously tiring and time-consuming. Initially it'd probably be like 'Yeah, let's take a picture' and then *snap* 'Ew. No way. Again' *snap* 'EW. HELL NO' and then *snap* 'ARGHH' blegh. triple blegh. No thanks.

Movvinng on, I'm listening to Tino Coury-Diary and Secondhand-Something More. They sound weired being played together. HAHAH. such badd remix. blegh :P

hahaha. well I have to go! YESSHH I DID IT. I didn't use 'anyway' at ALL in three paragraphs xD weee. * spontaneous applause* And yeah, I do know that the way I used 'by the way' or 'moving on' might not be quite right and not so suitable but I didn't have much choice. I'm trying to write an anti-anyway post :P

Last but not least, thanks for reading ;) loveyoulots, faithful readers :D