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TODAY'S A HOLIDAAY. and guess what? I studied :O
:O :O :O my mom made me to. She said that this is the only chance for me to speed up my studies while everybody else is probably sleeping or partying today. MOOM. it's only a DAAYY. How can I be ooper smart in just a few hours? -.-

I'm going over to my neighbor's house in 15 minutes. And then I'll be going to a PARTY. YESHHH. It's my cousin's birthday today and she's gonna have BBQ. now that's the way to spend a holiday :P heh

Oh, and I had a Science test yesterday. HORRIBLE TEST. augh. I didn't even know there'd be a test. -.- well anyway, i did pretty okay. Considered good since I didn't study much science this week and I'm not really good at science and to top that off, I'm a year younger than the rest of the class. :D

Well I gotta go and get changed and blahs. BAII. :D

I will update more stuffos if I have time.

lynn x

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