Let's run away and don't ever look back
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POTATO STALKER. POTATO POTATO STALKER STALKER STALKER. I know you are stalking because I am magical and have super-natural powers :O

anyways, eesh. So many events and stuffos happened. Well, on Friday was MEGAN'S BIRTHDAY. :D I ate lotsa BBQ chicken because obviously, it was DELICIOUS. uh, and there was cappuccino cake and spaghetti plus other blahdeeda yummy food. uhm, and Megan had these super cute bunnies, SUGAR AND SPICE. yeah. Pictures on facebook. (Sorry la, i'm getting old nowadays until i cannot upload so many photos on my blog, kesian me lah. :PP)

Erm, and then on Saturday morning I went to class with JULI AAA. And then we had MCDonalds for lunch before going to Julia's house. At 1p.m we reached Ju's house and watched THE LAST SONG with Ashley and Li Juan. The movie was nice. Um, and sad. Miley was ugleh. like seriously ugly already. She looked so much prettier in the first season of Hannah Montana, and then the new civilized BLIND Miley emerged and now she's criticizing her old self in the first season of Hannah Montana. WHATTHEHELL.

Anyway, when I came home it was already six thirty so I bathed and had dinner (i forgot what I had for dinner T.T) and then Li Sha called me to go over to her house because her eldest sister was around and I could see the jewelry and stuffos she's selling. THE CAMERA NECKLACE WAS PRETTAY. dammit. :P

Anyway, I went for church this morning and had seafood for lunch.
it was there when my brother told me that Jenn's coming down to KL this SATURDAY. OML. :D I cannot waaaait. Then, the following Wednesday, I'm GOING BACK to TAIPING. eekers.
I don't feel very letih now. I barely slept last night. -.-

That's all. BAII (:

lynn x

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