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YESTERDAY was totally awesome.
I'll tell you what happened: (straight-forwardly)

9:30a.m - Church.
2p.m - lunch; Home.
3p.m- Julia's House
4p.m-Leave to DUMC (Jul's car)
5p.m-180 musical performance starts
7p.m-Jaya 1
7:30p.m- Eat dinner
8p.m-Operafest performance
10:30p.m-Followed Li Juan's car home.
11:30p.m: Home.

3 p.m. (from left) Li Juan and Coco ! (Jul's dog :)
He's soo cute
hahahah. that guy was super weired and funnay.

4:30p.m - @ DUMC. we were half an hour early. (from left) Ashley, Julia, Li Juan
7:30p.m- Jaya 1, Station 1

8p.m- Operafest performance. hhaha. Ashley tried to take a picture of me, but failed.
Apparently, I am exhausted today. I didn't have much sleep in the last two nights because I came home late. And today I had classes starting from 10 in the morning. So I took a nap just now, at 3.
Once I awoke at 5:40 (2 and a half hours of awesome sleep :) my mom forced me to go brisk walking at the park. She said I needed some exercise. Mom, I exercised enough in the last two days.

Well. Anyway. I would probably be sleeping quite late tonight. I over-slept just now :P