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There won't be birthday cakes though :/ 'cause i don't like cakes :O

it's approaching ! My birthdayyy! It's in exactly one week :D I hopee to celebrate my birthday this year, but I'm not really sure. Because, I want to save .. FOR NEXT YEAR. when i'm officially a teenager :D *dances*

Anyway, IF I get to celebrate, I would like to go Neo-print. their photo booths are awesome :D Perfect for birthdays :P hahaha. My mom told me she'd take a look at the prices and stuffs first. I told her the cheapest booth is 10 bucks but she still said 'Will see'. -.-

So yeah.. lets wait! *booo-.-*

let our anxiety risee until our brains explode and burst into flames. muahaha. :P let's just see alright. 'till then, suckers :) peace out! :D