weekends are awesome :) and I am surprisingly able to blog before Monday :)
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I'M NO LONGER GOING TO WATCH ECLIPSE TODAY ): last minute cancellation. instead, we're going to watch DUMC's performance again :) It's fablissly funny :D
but this time with Li Juan :D

After that, we're going off to Jaya 1 to eat dinner. Then choir starts at about 8-ish (but we're going much earlier because it's free seating) Would end about night-time.

ANYWAY. here's some parts I've missed out telling you yesterday. The performance was fablissly funny, as I have said. We had potatoes with rice and salad for lunch at the cafeteria. The show ended at 10:30p.m. We went to eat roti canai after that which was so deliciously mouth-watering. :D Finished at 11, and went back to Julia's house. My dad fetched me back at 11:47p.m.

You know this girl ;)
PERFORMANCE STARTING *jumps up and down*
hahhaha. this part was really funny: Julia: Why I cannot take wan. Did I take it yet? Wait. No. Now? Ashley:Faster lah. Julia: how? how? *snaps* ahh.

Slept at 1. woke up at 9 for church.

I'm still feeling sleepy. Half dead, that's right. But it ain't gonna keep me away from having fun :)
Peace out ! Btw, sorry for the lack of pictures. The DUMC place didn't allow photography during the performance.