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I'm not celebrating my birthday this year,confirmed):

anyways, :O I haven't been blogging for like 6 days? that's really long. Sorry yah.
I've been blogging on another shared blog. Not like I abandoned you all right :D

anyway, TOPSHOP & COTTON ON has sale! OHMYLORD. i went there yesterday! They were soo cheap! Like, there was this really awesome leggings at Cotton On for only nineteen bucks. LIKE I HAD TO BUY IT. but there were no sizes other that XS -.- like, who could fit into XS, man. you'd have to be a skeleton to do that. or if you have anorexia, then yeah maybe -.- THEY HAD THESE SKIRTS for only twenty bucks. nineteen to be precise. LIKEOHGOD i need it! But it was orange with white stripes. It wasn't very nice and I didn't like it veryy much :/ so i didn't get it. Their flats were on sale too! 2 for 59. SUPER cheap.I didn't get them though, for a reason I can't tell you, alright. hehe. I'll tell you in August. :P anyway. FOREVER 21 DID not have sale! Arggh.
They had those awesome dresses..yeah for a hundred+. nty..
TOPSHOP had sale too!! THEY HAD THIS VINTAGE DRESS I WANTED TO GET SO BADLY. not really badly. but it was nice! a little bit plain though. it's under Topshop Petite, btw. It's about a 110 after a 50% discount. Still quite expensive.. But I still heart it.

So I didn't buy anything. how bad is that ?! ):
I'm actually planning to buy dresses at Love It. Their dresses are quite pretty and not so expensive. I'm going there on my birthday :D wee. I hope to get some dresses :D

haha. 'Till then, sing me a happy birthday song :D


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