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This is my handphone desktop background. Thanks lishaa :)

Soo. I didn't paint my nails 'Twilight' and 'Eclipse' ): I've been uber busyy.
Like. Today I went to class at 11 until 12:30 with Julia (she followed me home until 2:30) I will be having dinner with Julia at six then go off to DUMC's activity which is at night. It's 2:48p.m now, so I have a few more hours until six. Thank goodness there's time for me to blog :D


Anyway, TOMORROW WOULD BE CRAZY. I will have church in the morning, until about 2:00p.m (after lunch). bathe. Then I'll be going to Julia's house at 3. at 4 we will go and watch Twilight Eclipse *jumps up and down* and at about 6:30 she drops me home to eat my dinner, or we will eat at Curve. 7:00 meet at Li Juan's house. 7:30 leave to watch a choir until night.

I need a lot of sleep tonight. hahaha. So don't sms me after 10:30 or so. (:

Will keep you posted on Monday! (after all my classes :)

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