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booo evil homeworks!!

I haven't finished my homeworks which I need to pass up next week. STRESSSSSEDD.
I have my 600 word essay on Anne Frank - which I seriously don't know how to write it because I've FORGOTTEN almost completely what I've read :@ I don't have Anne Frank's Diary book with me.. So I have no reference but what I can barely remember of Anne Frank. DO NOT BLAME ME. I read that book like 3 and a half weeks ago, how can I remember much ??
I have my English presentation to do too. It's on Malaysian Festivals and stuffs...
And my Science homework I barely finished.
And my Malay homework.

Thank gawwsh I finished my other homeworks before I went back to my hometown. Otherwise I would have to burn the midnight oil and rake my brain so much until it'd explode :O

Haha, well I GOT.TO.GO. It's 8:11p.m and I haven't eaten my dinner.