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yeah, don't eat that.

GREEEETTIIINGGGS, person-sitting-in-front-of-the-computer :D

FIFA WORLDCUP, daammit I don't have Astro b.yond or even Astro Supersport DD:
GLEE season 2 started last night. I DON'T HAVE STARWORLD either. ): GAHH, life is so unfair :(
SHREK FOREVER AND AFTER. I didn't get to see it!! DD:

Yes, this post is filled with melancholy..
alrights, I'll change that.

I MIGHT BE GETTING A LABRADOR RETRIEVER THIS YEAR. haha. NOT REALLY, lahh. My dad doesn't approve it :( but my mom wants one. So, I'm tryingna convince my daddeh :D
It might work. but nah, don't think so D:

Ashley, Li Juan, Julia and I are going to watch TOYSTORY3 this Monday!! AAERGH, I cannot wait :D haha.

Anyways. I have to go ! :( Sorry.


Happy BELATED birthday, Julia Liow! Will pass your prezzie to ya on Monday (;