hello, you!
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Hello, You!

So reality returns. Where in WORLD does time fly to?! Gawssh, now thats a mystery xD Well anyways, ZOMGG, the holidays are nearly over D': Can you believe it?! DDD:

TURKEY *sob* *sob* I wish I went!

My dad got the stuff I really needed. Like my pencil case pecah already, and so he got me a new one. I wanted another sling bag and he got me one. He got me other stuffs too. Like CHOCOLATE! :D And some bowls that's decorated with many intricate designs to put accessories.

Although these are the stuff I really want...Their designs are soo .. sooo.. sooo....SOOOO...
really unusual!!!! Especially the sling bag xP But I AM NOT INSULTING anything here, alright!! :P

Miranda Cosgrove! I like your new song 'kissin-u' :D I really don't know if I like it just because it's NEW and that I got really sian of listening to Miley Cyrus-Can't be tamed song. But it's nice lahh :P haha

Now, now, I gotta go :( I have do many undone things, here.

Pity me, hm. :(