Its not over yet.
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So, yeap, it's over now. But it's not over yet. (because im still gonna meet shern,jenn and anne this chinese new year again!)

Yesterday I came back from Taiping which was really sad because I only stayed in Taiping for three days. It was a Sunday and it was the day which we celebrated my grandparent's 50th Anniversary.

It was like the best day ever. This time I really knew how my grandparents are happy and glad.

Firstly there was lunch, and the dishes were just absolutely scrumptious.
At the end there was cake. My grandparents said a bunch of meaningful and touching words before cutting a slice.
Then, EVERYONE had to say words of thanks and praises to them. And I could see tears of joy welling up in their eyes. But as a matter of fact, I could even feel my eyes tearing up, too! honestly.

After that, we all headed back to my grandparent's house. Thanks to Amy's great idea, she made a HUGE family tree photo frame. It had all of our pictures in it and I have to really thank her because the work she had put in was really fab!

Then it was time to open up presents. My grandparents were carefully cutting the wrapping paper with scissors while Jenn and I were tearing and crumpling and throwing away pieces of wrapping paper >.

Then, there was a video to watch (made by James)
It was very special. EVERYBODY enjoyed it.
It was about their wedding, how they met, and there were exclusive pics of them.

And I just found out my grandad's English name is Billy Choong!!

Well anyway, it was a BLAST.
then we had ang pows to give out (and i left them at my grandparents house.I know, im such a scatterbrain :P I took Anne's bag instead!!! )
Then my family and I set off to KL. and im telling u it was a sunday, and it was definitely slowww.
Instead of a 3-hour drive it was stretched until a 4 and a half hour drive!
and i got carsick..

Im realllyyy looking forward to chinese new year!! Wee~Family gatherings are so awesome