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So I really wanna apologize for not blogging that much. Things are pretty boring now that the School Holidays are coming to an end.
It doesn't really matter to us, homeschoolers though. In fact, it's a sort of..nightmare because the fees to amusement parks or maybe the circus rates will shoot up and places will get really crowded...

But what I like about the School Hols is that I get to spend time with my cousins! And then there'd be family gatherings-so that's what it actually matters.

New Year's coming! Woopie!
Tomorrow'll be the last day of 2009!
There's going to be no more of the 0 before 9 because it's going to be 2010! (that sentence was pretty pointless...)

Fireworks at 12 tomorrow. Can't wait!
Gina would go extremely hyper though...

So here's something from me to you:

(this one's cuter right?: :PP)