What I think about PINK
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Moment of truth...
I actually like sweet, pinky stuff.

Surprised? So am I, as a matter of fact!
However, I like blue and purple best. I like hoodies, converse shoes, hats, sling bags. Kind of tomboyish huh? But I really can't resist cupcakes with colorful icing swirled on top, or maybe a dash of chocolate chips on it, and topped with whipped cream!! OMG, what I just said was so enticing!


But, honestly, it's really ironic because pink really give me the creeps. Lol! I mean, if I just color a shade of pink it gives me weired thoughts, but if it's on cupcakes or maybe butter cake, then that's a WHOLE different story!!!

What I think about pink..




A group of girls trying to dress up like barbie dolls

by dressing in FULL (yes, from head to toe!!) hot pink clothes

(It's so creepyish! NO offends!!)


Too sweet

But like this:

It reaalllyyyy is irresistible for words!
It's really awkward, but that's how I feel about PINK