Loyalty to a blog is never a failure
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Ten days of guilt, guilt, guilt. Loads to say here, but my mind has been drifting into another thought that it seemed difficult to translate my story into words.

But I know it's been TEN days since I've neglected this poor blog.

And I've got big news!

I've managed to hit the top 20s list in an art competition! Pinch me somebody. I still have the feeling that I'm dreaming. Never have I ONCE thought that I could be in the top 20s list in the first art competition I have ever participated. I'm not the positive type. I always think I'm still not good enough. And to think I could just make it in that list was phenomenal.

I've started playing zwinky again. Hmm, not much to say. grr, it's gonna take awhile to cut off our relationship =.-


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