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Here's an answered quiz I answered when I was bored.
You can just read it..
To understand more about me xP

Facebook or Friendster?

Facebook. Facebook has plenty of stuff to do. There are notifications and stuff like that. It's really cool. You get to play games there too!
The only benefit I know Friendster has is that you get to decorate your page.

Food or Drink?

Drink! I hate it when I'm thirsty.

Selena, Demi or Miley?

DEMI, DEMI, DEMI!! She's not only my favorite actress but she's my role model.
Selena's great too. But Demi's songs are somehow more meaningful.
And Miley. Hmm, let's say I hate her personality. Even if she's a Christian she's wilder than Demi AND Selena.

Pet Society or Country Story?

I got hooked on Country Story first before I started playing Pet Society. Country Story is basically planting and harvesting. It's pretty boring so I say Pet Society.

Borders or Popular?

Um, it depends.
I think I'm going with Borders. 'Coz Borders seems to have more variety of books than Popular.

Meat or Greens?

It's pretty mean of me to say this-but meat.

Thats all for noww...

Will keep you posted!