Haircut & other random ramblings.
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Today, my brother got his driving license (: At about five this evening, he took me out for his very first drive. It was scary at first, because he did not drive smoothly..AT ALL. But he eventually got the hang of it, and decided to visit our old Bu2 house. I saw the park, the house with the green gate, and our old neighbours' houses. The memories just instantly flashed back ; I remembered riding my old purple bike around the park, and thinking how great life was. I remembered the friendly Golden Retriever (though it wasn't there this evening , must have died ._.)

Meh. I miss the life there ); . Everything was good. I was happy. And now the playground got renovated. It looks too new..And I don't like that.

Because I don't want to bore you guys with any more unexciting things, lets move on to something which I know you'd laugh at..

Sadly, that would be my haircut. I just got it like a week ago. Pictures below:

I like bright pictures.
Oh, hello.

& lastly, to all the boringlamepeoplejk here's my so-called decent photo of my haircut.
I had cut that awkward strand of hair after taking this picture. It looked too awkward for my awkwardity. Just saying. :)

Okay,thanks for reading this. Back to How I Met Your Mother marathon. Bye!

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