Broken Arrow.
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Oh, hello. Did I manage to freak you out? :D . So, you're probably noticing the 'hint' of make up. Just so you know, I don't wear any make up on a daily basis - It was taken after I got back from Appreciation Night (:

Currently raping the replay button of Pixie Lott-Broken Arrow. The song is so nice D: . And not to mention, she's a really great dancer DD: . #jealous.

Push that aside. I've recently realized I haven't been talking much about my holiday. Which isn't surprising because I dislike talking about what had physically happened, knowing that the post would only be dedicated to the people who didn't join the event. It's also like you're volunteering to become a time machine AND a journalist. BUT, because I have nothing else to fill in the blank space beneath this paragraph.. sit back, and feel left out. Just kidding (about the last part).

Last week is the highlight of my whole holiday. Amy came down :D , and we had a blast. On the first day, we hung out at One Utama and had pretzels. The next day, we went to catch a movie at Cineleisure and then spent about four and a half hours at Nichii, shopping. Idk what took us so long. Don't call us intense shoppers , because her watch must have been fast. I mean, all we did was look at clothes. Four hours and half hours? Psh. that's just so unlikely._. nevermind that.

The next day, we took an LRT to KLCC (: . We went to Aquaria, and I got to touch a chocolate chip starfish. It was so cute D:. But it felt like a rock. Meh. It was at the entrance area, and there were other creatures we could touch as well. There was the bamboo shark and a weird kind of crab. No one touched the crab because it looks ugly. And uh, Amy & I chickened out when it came to touching the bamboo shark. The guy handling the.."touching pools" was like "Pretend it's a dog. Don't be scared." And I was like "A DOG? Comparing this creature to a dog is just stupid. There's no similarity between them except that they both breathe." We got to see so many animals which I had no idea existed. Aha. oh yeah, I already figured what I want to do for my 14th birthday - Cage Rage. It's a must, but also, I don't want to be disappointed that no sharks would swim past. :Y We bought jellybeans after Aquaria and reached home at five. The next few days we just bummed around and drank coffee. :3

After she left on Sunday, I've been sitting in front of my computer laughing to How I Met Your Mother. I'm finally finishing Season 2. :D Yeap. That's about it.

I can't have this post too long, otherwise no one would read it.
Okay..Um. Peace out? :D

P/S, That's not my room.

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