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Just a short recap about what happened this weekend. I went for my appointment at a hospital last Saturday. It was beyond everything I had expected. I had to take an X-ray of my spine. It had been two years since I did X-Rays frequently. So, anyway, I took the scans of my X-ray up to the doctor, and he compared my previous X-Ray scans two years ago to the current ones.

I was literally numb, knowing the next few minutes had the power of changing my world all around. If my scoliosis had progressed, I have to do bracing. And the chances of my scoliosis staying the same condition two years ago is just so mild.

Bracing isn't something to laugh about.

His response was simple, "Exactly the same..Not even a slight progression..."
The whole room was silenced. We just couldn't believe it.

& I still can't believe it until now. God really answered my whole family's prayers. Just like that, all the worries were gone. Oh, and thanks to all my friends who prayed for me. (':.