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I wouldn't be surprised at all, if I don't appear in your best friends list anymore. We haven't talked or seen each other in ages, but just to let you know, that every day I go through, I see things which still remind me about you. And I still have flashbacks on all the moments we spent together which you have probably forgotten.

You wouldn't even remember my name, after all the new friends you've made. You wouldn't remember the times I was there for you or shared your grief. I know you have already pushed me far out of your thoughts, dreams and your life.

You've moved on, I can understand. Our friendship probably doesn't exist anymore. But, I just wish to know you had appreciated my existence & my time I gave up for you.

I'm not writing this to anyone in particular, but to those who I used to spend time with a lot but don't anymore.

I still remember you. :}