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Once again, I'm having difficulties in sleeping. I'm already in the Chinese New Year spirit and I guess that has been depriving me from sleep.
I mean, family reunions! And not to mention, the money :P Eheheh. SHOES, DRESSES, SKIRTS.

How can I not be excited?! I'd most probably be staying up all night long during the CNY holidays trying to calm myself down. And if I fail in doing so, I'd have a How I Met Your Mother marathon while waiting for morning to come.

But still, isn't it annoying when you can't sleep? The isolated feeling you'd have.


Currently addicted to community channel. It's extremely hilarious! Natalie is awesome at expressing sarcasm and such. Hahaha, and her accent is really cool.

By the way, does anyone know how to use Nuffnang? :X I don't really understand how to use it and stuff. Bleugh.

Oh and, apparently, I changed the background of my blog! :D It used to be a picture of white colored planks of wood, but it got really boring to me :/ So that explains the new pink floral design! I'm not sure if it can be categorized as VINTAGE though. Ahha.

But anyway, vintage floral designs FTW!