Reminiscing 2010; NEW YEARS EVE! ; My New Year Resolutions
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It's only 10:54p.m but I'm pretty tired. I had a long day so I shall start rambling before I fall asleep on my laptop.
Well, in the afternoon I went over to Julia's. We intentionally wanted to go to Ikano for shopping but it turned out Ikano is holding some kind of concert tonight so they sort of closed down the shopping mall to prepare the things for it. All I know is that some particular concert prevented us to enter the shopping mall area.
Eventually, we decided to go Centrepoint because it's nearby. We ate at KFC and then we went back to Julia's house to watch StepUp 3! It was SUUUUUPER nice. I loved the Robot Rock routine! Those guys are SICK. Seriously. I bet robots can't even dance like that! Moose reminds me SO much of Gordo in Lizzie McGuire!

Anyway, I went home at about 5p.m. I showered and then left to my cousin's house for New Year's Eve dinner. It was fun. I feel fat now. Realllyy bloated. I'll have difficulty sleeping tonight until the food's digested.
So, while I'm patiently waiting for it to be digested, I'm blogging! And as I've promised in my previous post, I will tell you what my New Year Resolutions are (: (not in any order) :

1. Sleep earlier. I don't think many of you know this, but I can't sleep at sleepovers. I usually stay up or something. The whole night. I'm prone to getting excited all the time. So, by sleeping earlier, that should be able to ease my excitement when I go for sleepovers.

2. Have quiet time more frequently. Meditate on God's Word/devotionals and have more faith in God.

3. Count my blessings each and everyday. I always feel kind of left out when it comes to technology. I don't own anything at all from the Apple store and when everybody has at least something from there, I feel sucky :/

4. Do whatever my mom says without any complains and persevere through every one. One of these would be drinking those disgusting inflamed chia seeds with tasteless soya bean everyday without complaining. Another will be drinking the weird calcium juice which tastes like medicine. My mom has disallowed me from using nail polish and wearing flip-flops. I can also try to accept that. Although I know that would be hard since I've loved nail polish art SO MUCH since I was eight. ):

5. Exercise with a better attitude. Swimming laps alone twice every week is boring. It's compulsory for me to go because I have mild scoliosis and my parents are trying to find each and every way to prevent it from becoming worse.

6. Don't complain about my amount of homework I'm forced to do a week. Even if I know I can't complete them until 3a.m on the day it is due.

7. To improve in whatever I'm lacking in my personality. To be more disciplined and less panicky.

8. To learn how to do various things. Perhaps I would consider going bungee jumping in 2011 :O

9. Learn a new language. Maybe French? Hahaha.

I think that's about all. I'm going to miss 2010 badly. It contains so many priceless memories. I've achieved plenty and made so many new friends whom are very close to me now.

Well. The coming of 2011 is inevitable, so why not welcome it?
Hahah. It's already 11:59p.m.


Bye! Fireworks are displaying already and my dog is going to bark her head off once again.

lynn x

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