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It's going to be 2011!! aaaaaaah. I can still remember the first day of 2010 like it was yesterday: Gina barking her head off at the fireworks, my brother desperately trying to calm her down, my mom rushing about to find the best view of the fireworks and finally, my whole family (including Gina) gathered in the guest room, also known as the best view for seeing fireworks according to my mom. :P I'm saving to tell you my new year resolutions till the first of January :) It shall be a surprise. muahahahah. But I daresay, it will be quite long.

Two days ago, my family and I went to UniQlo in Fahrenheight. Before the journey, I wasn't really looking forward to go there. It's not really far but if you didn't know, I'm prone to motion sickness, so I get sorta nauseous when I ride in a car. Sadness.
Anyway, the clothes at UniQlo are really nice. I bought two hoodie sweaters and a blue turtleneck shirt. I'm not much into turtleneck T-Shirts but my mom profusely persuaded me to get one so I just bought it.

Yesterday, I got a new "handbag". In my opinion, I think it's considered a handbag but my brother says it's more like those reusable bags. Gahh. But anyhow, I still like it SO there.
And yes, the material may be the same as what people use for reusable bags but I still like it kay.
My brother is trying to convince me to get a leather handbag. HECK NO, have you seen the prices of those stuff?! It's like rm300+.
I'd rather add another few hundred to get an Ipod Nano or something.
My brother's gone nuts already. He either keeps forgetting I'm only 12 or he's deliberately trying to make me spend my money and laugh at my stupidity later on. Yeah, maybe girls my age already posses all these expensive handbags and stuff but I think rm300+ for a handbag itself is ridiculous. :/

That's all.
I keep forgetting the word "vuvuzela" and I still laugh at these words: "hippopotamus, pomposity and kaput."

All my love,
lynn x

P.S: I'm addicted to this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-ImCpNqbJw
Read the first few paragraphs in the lyrics (the part where Skyler Grey sings). It reminds me so much of the "Prodigal Son" story.

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