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This is the time of the year when cookies get all dressed up and eaten by Santa Claus.

HEY, again. :P

Christmas is approaching! My fingers are numb of wrapping presents and writing cards. Contrary to how restless I'm feeling I feel like jumping up and down with excitement!
I'm going to indulge myself in eating as much junk food on Christmas day.
Listening to Mariah Carey-Oh Santa. She is amazing. I just discovered she's half Irish.

Anyway, I'm suddenly into high-heels right now. Bought two recently, one floral and the other is black with small silver gems studded on the strap.
My plaid flats are spoiled. BLERGH. They were my favorite flats I've ever had.

My dad just came back from China a few days ago. He brought back chocolate and cookies. Not much of a souvenir but that was all my dad managed to get since he was on tour and you know how tour guides rush you about.
Now that he's back, he's been online for so long and he keeps blaming me I changed his Google logo thing. I keep telling him I didn't and that Google changes it whenever an occasion comes up but he won't listen. GAHH

Anyway, my brother started to be so unruly all of a sudden. He just barges into my room and lie on my bed. Then he'll talk about his new shoes he got and gradually talk about random things. I mean, what if I was changing?! WAIT, don't imagine what will happen. That'd be wrong.

Oh, and, I just started writing into a diary again.

I obliged myself to take a picture before I forget, so yeah. My hair was in a mess D:
Sorry for the creepiness in my eyes. Eheh.
This was my last diary. LOOK HOW SMALL I WAAS. Lololololol. I remembered there was this girl who stole this picture off from my old blog and used it as her Profile Picture..
So freaky laaa. I fell off my chair when I saw my face on her facebook. :/ And she had so many people commenting "AHH, PRETTY" and stuff like that.
WTH. ihdweihzmruiqhru,uiqcrhmqxui,ihcq3rciuwehxruihwerkwejXhi9dhiwoqehjbijdnIJNDIENhbfiejnfijeanNKJDNE
She even copied every single picture I took on my first blog. I deleted that blog already :/

Okay, my mind is refusing to dig up something interesting to say, so I can't write furthermore.

Winnie the Pooh FTW! :D If you look closely, you can see the Adrian Mole book in front of me :P
This is what you do when you get bored. Sigh.

Keeping a blog alive is tiring. :X
LOVE, lynn x

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