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Hi, My name is Wei Lynn and I am 12 this year. I don't know what I want as my future ambition, and yet people think that is ridiculous to not know it. Sometimes, I feel like screaming "I AM ONLY 12, MY BRAIN IS TOO SMALL TO THINK OF WHAT I WANT TO BE IN ELEVEN YEARS."
I have never dared to say such thing, but deep down in my heart it has screamed this phrase countless times.
People address to me as Lynn. I'm hardly ever called by my full name, unless I'm in deep trouble and I'm only called Wei Lynn by people who do not know me well.
I'm the type of girl who enjoys curling up in a spot under the sunshine reading a book and letting her hair down because it feels like a curtain shading her face. I have been told off for not having a neat hairstyle by my mom and teachers but I never seem to change.
I like to eat Popsicles in the park and watch little children running about in the playground. I like the feeling of excitement and triumph.
But unfortunately, the world is not like a complete happy merry-go-round.
Animal cruelty, slavery/bondages and starvation exists, sadly enough.

I detest insects (especially cockroaches) and anything which involves maths. I hate it when homework interferes my social life and disturbs my mood to do what I wish to do. I feel a temporary resentment towards people who disturbs me when I'm fully engrossed in a book. The feeling of returning to reality is unpleasant.

I used to pretend I lived in a boarding school, just like Mallory Towers and play lacrosse with schoolmates though I have never played it once in my whole life.

Often, I would tell myself I am unique and that every individual has a different personality and talent. My dad for instance, can do various things that it is unlikely for me not to be the same. Yet, I find myself quite talentless and slow in learning when it comes to maths that I would sometimes just accept defeat. I was the shy and quiet type when I was young and somehow it damaged my self-esteem. That's probably why I don't believe it when my friends tell me I'm pretty or that I'm smart.

I like to think that a book contains a whole life span of one person and that I've been part of it for a few days. The last page of the book is usually the saddest part of all. Part of me would be upset it's all over and the other side of me would feel elated to be able to be part of someone's story/life.

But hey, we all have a story to tell right? And this is mine, although it's such a short biography.
Maybe one day I will be able capture my whole entire 12 years of existence onto pages and pages of words. (: