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HARLO :D This is my lunch break so I have some free time to blog. Yeah okay, anyway, I think I've been overusing "yeah okay" & "anyway" wayy too much. :X
I'm not so inventive, eh. :P

Heh. erm, anyway. Fun has finally kicked in this week :D I'm going shopping with Joanna Dah Sushi tomorrow :D Soo excited. We're gonna watch Alpha & Omega and then go shopping at Cotton On :D Then Jo comes over to my house and we're gonna try winning the Paramore tickets :D

And then on Saturday is DEBORAH'S BIRTHDAY PARTTYYYYY. I'm so so so excitad too. (I don't usually spell things correctly when i'm excitad) I still dunno what we're gonna do :/ which is stupid because I should. I don't even know what to wear. Deborah won't tell me. MEAAN.
:P Becko is going too. WHICH MAKES EVERYTHING MUCH MORE EXCITAANG. I miss that chick. ): Chocolate/Julia van muers is going too :D I wrote her full name out cause there's another Julia. Anyway, I haven't met Choco but I do know she's only one day older than me :P ONE DAAAY. Hahah. Potato is going too. I haven't seen her either xP I haven't seen soo many foodies which is plain unfair because I'm a foodie too. urgh.
So yeah. We have a vegetable in the food family already :D, a cookie (me), Sushi (Joanna), Cheese (Deborah) , Pie (Ashley), Chocolate (Julia VAN MUERS), Tart (Daryl) & Apple (Sheena)

On the 16th I'm going for Sheena's err welcome party..thing :D I haven't met her before. But she's a foodie too ;) She's apple. awesomeness. I'll bring lots of apples to the party :D
hahah. It's not reallyy a party though. We're going to watch a movie first, window-shop, go swimming @ Deb's club then take Joey for walk :D

I like this week. :P I'll try to update tomorrow, after shopping and balala. :D


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