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Lake Gardens

I know I said that I was supposed to blog about my holiday yesterday but I was.. well..lazy :P heh.
Nevermind, I'll write about it now though I think none of it will interest you much.

So on Wednesday Jenn & her family went 1 Utama to shop for some last-minute things while my family&I left to Taiping. We had MCD's for lunch :D My dad took the set so there was a Milo drink which caused TORTURE. It was so hard resisting the Milo when I was super thirsty. But I couldn't drink it because if I did, I would have to hold my you know what for 3 hours. Okay don't lets talk about that. -.-

We reached Taiping at 3 something I think. We went to my grandparents' house first and had late lunch. Then my grandfather brought me & my mom to Lake Gardens to jog/walk whatever. After that we went to Taiping Central and I had Soya Bean and some yummy kacang thing and butter cake. Then we went home, had dinner and bathed.

Finally I got to read Twilight Eclipse book. It was super nice.

The next day, Thursday

Went to the spectacle shop in the morning. I got new specs :D It wasn't ready to take back to KL so they're sending it to my house one of these days.
In the evening we went to Lake Gardens with Jenn & Li Sherng. It was super fun and really muddy. hahah. Anyway we explored half of the Lake Gardens because Jenn&I died and couldn't finish the hugeeeeeeee round. But our brothers did. They're weirdos. :D
Then my grandfather brought me & my mom to Taiping central again. Then we went to this bag shop.

My brother came over to stay at my grandparents' house because Jenn & her family were going to Ipoh. In the evening, my father took us to Fajah to buy more food stuff.

Woke up and packed. Then we had lunch and left at 2:30. Reached home at 5:30.

That's about it. Four days of non-stop grocery shopping. Soo weired. hahah.

But it was kinda fuun. especially the Lake Garden thing on Thursday :D

lynn x