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HELLO. HELLO. and HELLO once again :D
Here I am, attempting to apologize so very sincerely. I am sorry for not blogging here for sooo loong. Hm. does that sound sincere enough? No? -.- well i am, okay :D

MANY, MANY, MANYY things happened. since Saturday :D Saturday was awesome. I went to my friend's birthday party and had these faboulously fabulous cupcakes!! (I ate three of them :P) SO DEELICIOUS.
Sunday was Sunday as usual :D CHURH :)

AND MONDAY ! Today lah.
I went for my Malay and English classes in the morning. barely had breakfast, cause I woke up late :O (hey, i had to watch how brazil lost towards netherlands last night, okay?)
HOMEWORK OVERLOADDDDDDEDDDDDDEDD. I have to write an essay, 500 words, vocabulary, rewrite my essay a little bit for there were mistakes:/ and other stuffos. plus my malay homeworks..

So I won't be able to post very often :( once again, I will try to attempt apologizing sincerely for the lack of entertainment these few days. I AM SORRRYY. :P I'm not good in these stuffs. (in apologizing i mean.)

anyway, I have to start writing my essays or else I'm dead next week :PP hehehe. BYEE (:

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