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SPAIN WON! 1-0, as I have expected! *gives a triumphant grin :D* hehehe. I awoke at 2:30. just in time for the match to begin :) I was supposedly to sleep at 9:30 because I have bahasa test the next morning and english class before that. But then evil Twilight came along on Star Movies, and I wanted to watch it AGAINN. it was finishing anyways. but after the movie it was already 12, so i slept at 1, and awoke at 2. pretty dumb of me :P

haha, anyway. I fell asleep at 4 -.- my eyes were SO HEAVYY. my eyelids were like carrying a 50 pound weight. It's really a pity, that at the utmost important match my eyes were failing me. In fact, my whoole body was failing me. I couldn't sit up straight so I lay down.. and.dozed off. it's such a shame :( When Spain nearly scored my brother was literally screaming (not the very loud and careless scream. he knows what will happen if my father awoke) I wanted to scream with joy too, but I was restless, really useless. I was half-dead. When they extended another half an hour, I gave up. Before the stage of being totally handicap arrived, I went upstairs to sleep. Afterall, I don't want to sleep in the living room.

So there. I missed the most important part of the match. ):

I failed malay test :D I shan't let you have the impression that I am seriously stupid, so I shall tell you that everyone failed (: honest. And besides, I didn't know that there would be a test, so I didn't study.

I'm currently halfway reading Twilight. I've neglected it for a week, and I'm starting to worry if the book's going to be due soon. (I borrowed it.) Hopefully not. But honestly, I do think so.

anyway, Ashley, me and Li Juan went to watch DESPICABLE ME yesterday. it was beyond awesome and very funny. Agnes: IT'S SO FLUFFY I WANNA DIEE!!! / Does this count as annoying? *series of humorous sounds*
soo, bottom line is. watch the movie!! :D keep note that I am aware that that sounded like I was an advertiser wanting to fob off Despicable Me tickets to people :D so many 'that's :/

(from left) Li Juan. Ashley.

shopping after the movie.

more pictures on facebook :)

Hm. I do think this post is enough to leave you satisfied. I hope :D Anyhow, I will have to go. Like. Right now. :(

peace out, awesome losers :P

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