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My brother spoiled my computer. :@
I went to the comp. shop just now and had to reformat my comp. SHIIT. all of my pictures are gone! And my home-work?!!?!? ARRHGHHH.

erm. anyways. remember what I told you about getting a new phone if I don't get a MACBOOK pro ? yeah well I got one :D today :) Nokia. (model: http://www.nokia.com.my/find-product/all-phones/nokia-5530-xpressmusic , white&blue in color) it's not E72 DD: that's too expensive.. for my dad :( so I got the touch screen one. I can go online with it :D i like the camera too.

so i'll have to pinjam my dad's pc for a few weeks loh -.- back to the old days..:/ haha.
If only my brother did not use my computer without permission to play his dumb games. He didn't know that I didn't install some game setup thingyy so it got hanged and then ca-poof. it went madd. So my computer's sick :( :(

my dad's sending it to the acer repair placey tomorrow. and I'm going to watch DESPICABLE ME LATER ON ! with ashley and li juan. :)
And I'll be going jogging with lisha and lixian later tonight. cannot wait :D

so much for drama ._. bye!

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