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SOO. You probably guessed it. I watched Diary of a Wimpy Kid TODAAY!
With Joanna and Ashleyy(: it was so freaging awesome you musst watch it!! haha

ANYWAYS.Today was the first day of school for mee! lol, and yes it was fun :P
I went for this English class too and there wasn't any Malay class so I spent my time reading Nancy Drew, did my English home-schooling work and did some Maths.

THERE WAS ENGLISH HOMEWORK. or. should i saay. english homeworkS.
they're like the same...
Anyway, I have to write an essay ABOUT ME and it has to be 700 words which is wow.
But nevermind. I'll still do it. but not intentionally, because it's about ME. and so I've been writing an essay about me during the Chinese New Year holidays and I did so because there wasn't any internet at that point and I was so freaking borred.
Well i'm glad I did it :P

Otherwise I'd just be me and myself racking my brain like crap :P

The other English homework is to memorize a poem. It was about mastering fate or something like that :/
well anyways, i better get started with my English essay. I still have to add in more paragraphs and things like that xx

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