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My nails have been terrorized by nail stickers! Oh wait. That sentence doesn't make much sense does it? terrorized? by nail stickers? nooo. :P But you'd get what I mean soon:

RAAWRR. - The leftie ;)
GRR. -the righty.

HAHA. my blog has being over-populated with too much nonsense these days :P
ANYWAYS. I've pretty much realized I had stuck way tooo many stickers on my nails xP
They got TERRORIZEED. but still, that doesn't make much sense :P

The reason I did this was because I thought the result of doing so would make my nails less emo. :PP
Well, anyways. If you saw a glow-in-the-dark flower, you would mind as well know that that belongs to me :P Because, the stickers are glow in the darrks.
which, i actually didn't know until last night :p