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Like hell yeah who doesn't want to all of those NOW ?
;P I would be going ice-skating on the 15th of May with the Ice-skating group, that is Beatrix, Ashley, Joanna and etc, ETC, the rest aren't confirmed yet.

NEOPRINT. - I really want to go theree! With Li Juan and Ashley :D

Well. um. anyways.

IT'S ALREADY CONFIRMED. I'm going to school starting this Monday, haha.
I'd be sortof tryingg it out for two weeks and then we'd decide if I should continue. :P

SHOPPING. - I need more clothes! I've already outgrowned a few of my skirts. :/ and I really want to get them at cotton on.

HIP-HOP. - I still haven't found a hip-hop class :/

BM.MANDRIN.FRENCH.- I want to learn all of these languages(:

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