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heelloo (:
I'm so freakingg terribly sorry for not bloggig here for eons :P
I went to Ashley's house yesterday, we played Uno Speed and other stuffs, it was uberr fun!!
anyways, I'm SUPER busy these days, all because I have tons of homework to do :(
Like, I have to read a book on Anne Frank, write an essay on William Ernest Henley, do a piece of grammar test paper, write a short essay in MALAY, find more and more malay words and write them on a piece of paper, do a presentation about Malaysian Culture including props and magazines I would have to bring, and MANY more home-work. Stress stress stress :P
Put that aside for a while - I went shopping today! I got this really awesome crop jacket, a pair of flip-flops and a pair of jeans(; haha.

I'm eating SKITTLES !! so freaking yummy! :P sorry for enticing ya, hehe.

Well i gotta go now!
I have to tackle the hardest homework first - the malay presentation :( I'm researching like crap now on itt ,grrr. hahaha,
well seeya !