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So I started reading ANNE FRANK, The Diary of a young girl last night - it was soo freeaking awesome! Hahah. - but sad at times thouugh.
Anywaays. I also borrowed "Dear Dumb Diary" for fun at my school library. The book's realllyy funny.
'Ignorance is Brilliance.' - Jamie Kelly
(Jamie Kelly : that's the girl in the book)

I just started a few chapters of it, and I've already found some interesting, hilarious stuff :
Not because her uncle, Assistant Principal Devon married my Aunt Carol (my mom's sister). No - because my dog , Stinker, and her dog, Stickybuns, had puppies together, which makes them married in Dog world.
Dog weddings are probably like people weddings except the Bride has to throw the banquet 50 TIMES because it keeps getting fetched back.