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I'M going back to Taiping tomoorrow - YAYY.

but for two days only


I srsly can't waitt to see jenn, it has been eeons since I last saw her, hehe.
and my mom too, I haven't seen her for about 21 days already xP

But Im definitely not looking forward to sitting in the car for 3 shitty hours D:
I actually plaanned to bring my computer in with me so that I could listen to some songs or MAYBE play some installed games in there:X

oh damn. I've compleetely forgotten to go to Ikano to get some stuffs for Jenn :O
I need to go there tooday. crap, i can't. O.O
Neverminds, i'd figure out a way, but for now. i gotta goo. I haven't even packed or anything :P
So yeah. BYE.