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write what comes first to your mind:


ten random objects near you:
1. Rubiks cube
2. Calculator
3. Papers
4. Mirror
5. Air con
6. Drawers
7. Printer
8. Notebooks
9. Files
10. more boringg stuffss...(im in my dad's office now)

coke or pepsi? Pepsi

vanilla or chocolate? Vanilla

muffin or cupcake? Cupcake

green or pink? Green

blackberry or iphone? aw poop. that is haard. UM. iphone. i loove iphone's apps.

mac or pc? MAC

facebook or twitter? facebook

hollister or abercrombie? what?

answer these:

what did you eat for dinner, lunch and breakfast? I didn't have breakfast today 'cause I woke up laate so I had spagetti cabonara for branch..
and I haven't had dinner yet.

what kind of cell phone do you have? walkman

what are you wearing on your feet? Nothing

what clothes are you wearing? sports shorts...and a grey T Shirt

are you wearing makeup? noo

do you like mcdonalds? yeah

how do you spell your name backwards? nnyL eiW

how do you spell your last name backwards? nnyL

do you have a brother or a sister? yeah. older brother.

what is your fave icecream flavor? Vanilla, chocolate, durian, rainbow, cookies 'n cream, mango, sour, apple.. I like all sorts of ice cream flavors actually.

I tag YOU (: