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So, as planned, my dad and I went to watch Avatar today @ 2.
It was just brilliaaannt!
The show ended at 4:30-ish,
The show lasted 2 1/2 hours. Pretty long, and I was quite glad I didn't watch it in 3D. Haha;P
Otherwise the whole thing would be like really dizzyy.

My dad hasn't been to the movies for yyeeears.
The last show he went was the Narnia show, Prince thinggyy.
Hahahaha XP

So what happened was, we bought the tickets at 1:30.
Then, we went to the food counter and ordered a large popcorn and two Milo drinks.
When we wanted to check in, the guy didn't let us 'cause we were too early!!

So we had to wait for like 15 minutes with the food and everything in our hands plus ppl staring us. hahahahahahhahaha.

soo awkward.
But anyway,
if you haven't watched Avatar, you GOTTA watch it!!