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It has been like ages since I blogged here. o.0
Well, anyway!

Guess wwhhhatt ?!

I FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY, bought that iron hair curler!
And I have to admit it's really scary.
No, I mean seriously.
It's IRON,
It's like so freaking hot I can practically smell the smoke coming out of it even if I was fifty miles away..(literally)
Ouch 0.0

But I guess I gotta get used to it!!! Eeee

I just went shopping @ Atria's and bought the perfect gift for Mom's Birthday!
Okay, fineee, I'll just tell you whats it..:

Whaddya think?
Issit nice?
It was on sale :P
It says.."Special mom"
And the tag up there writes "If moms were flowers-You'd be the one I'd pick"
So sweet!!

ROXY was also on sale so I went there.
There was this really cool demin vest I was hesitating to get, but I didn't..Cause I figured I don't think I would really wanna wear it out-y'know.
Perhaps for special occasions, hehe,
But it was still pretty expensive anyway,
even if it was discounted,
so I had to abandon it. haha:'(

I got this box thingy for RM $10 bucks:
(it's real worthit, for all those stationary fans, hahax])

Okay well anyway,

After that I met up with my mom at the lift,
she wanted to go to the grocery's, so I just wandered about..
Nothing much after that.
I just bought this herbal drink and checked out the mini-stalls.

I gotta go now,

ntg mch happened after that,

so, l8er, loserrs ! :P



P.S: that was kinda ironic y'know..
Later, losers,
and then I said ily !?

well I guess I'm just one weired contrary personxP