Breathing Lauren
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Okkayy so the blog title was realllyy random!!

So lauren's next to me now,
And Im in Lauren's House.
I just bathed in Lauren't house
I ate something in Lauren's house
I am using Lauren's computer
I am sleeping in Lauren's house
And I'm having a Lauren flu!! HAHAHAHA,



I'm reallly hoping I could go swimming tomorrow! But yes, there's going to be BBQ at Lauren's (again, Lauren!! hahaha) tomorrow evening.

I'm soo excited!

And it's like 12:42p.m

But I'm still hyper.
Because there's going to be party,party,party tomorrow!! Weeee~

Plus, not only that, I'm going to meet Amy once and for all!! It's been like a yearr now!

Good nite


(Sorry i can't type properly, this keypad is quite annoying, so hard to press..NO OFFENDS LAUREN!! I DIDN'T MEAN IT !! )

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